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Description: Today health and hygiene are among the topics being discussed the most. To stay healthy doctors suggest us to have healthy food and clean water. We receive filtered water from the government and store the same water in our tanks. If the tanks are clean we are consuming clean water but if the tanks are dirty the same water become unhygienic and intern affects our health. Hence, we have designed a water tank cleaning robot that has the capabilities of cleaning, drying, disinfecting and checks for cracks in the tank and compares the water purity levels before and after cleaning the tank. After finishing the whole process mentioned above the robot will send detailed information to the user via an application about the purity of water, condition of the tank, etc. Then based on the problems detected, it will send suggestion on how to take care of them.

In today’s world health is very important and for staying healthy we have to keep our outer and inner body clean. Our outer body can be kept clean easily in various ways but we can’t clean our inner body that easily. To keep our inner body clean we have to consume clean, hygienic food and liquids. One such liquid is water which is very important for the 6th – 8th July 2020 http://e-nnovate.eu Registration deadline: 24/06/2020 wellbeing of humans and it is the most consumed liquid by humans. Government and private industries supply clean and purified water to us after sending them through a water purification process killing almost all the microorganisms and filtering out all the small and large suspended impurities. After cleaning the water, it is sent to water tanks to be stored so that it can we distributed to houses and industries. But if the water tank is unclean then the water becomes unhygienic which is a risk to human life and industrial products. To overcome this problem we have to clean our tanks but cleaning tanks can be a tedious project and cost a lot of money. It has the risk of people cleaning the tank being unhygienic. Due to unhygienic Water tanks the water becomes unfit for consumption and is a risk to human life and industrial products. We are designing an intelligent robot that cleans the water tank autonomously. Our robot has the capability to intensely clean the whole interior of the tank (floor, walls and ceiling) with high pressured water. Then dry using IR lights and kill microorganisms using UV light to keep the tank spotless clean and hygienic. So, that you stay healthy and tension free. Our robot has the capability of 3D-Scanning its surroundings to be aware of the obstacles it might run into, after processing the information it creates a pattern of movement in the tank to clean it. Next our robot is ready to start the intense cleaning process, the robot cleans the whole interior of the tank (floor, walls and ceiling) with high pressured water, the water will be supplied with a tank provided that will be placed outside the tank to be cleaned and then scrub simultaneously using scrubbers. After the cleaning process our robot will suck up all the water present in the tank with the help of inbuilt motors and store it in a separate tank that will be places outside the tank, all the stone particles and mud will be sucked up by the robot while sucking up all the water. After the whole cleaning process the robot will dry the tank with the help of special IR lights. After the drying process the robot will use UV light to kill the left over growing microorganisms in the tank. After the UV light process our robot has a few special features and one of them is crack detection our robot will check the tank for cracks and send the detailed information to the user about the depth and width of the crack via an application (app) specially designed for the robot and will also give the user suggestion on ways to fill or repair the crack. The other feature about our robot is that our robot will intelligently compare the purity levels of the water before and after cleaning of the tank. And if there is still some impurities the robot will send suggestion on ways to keep the water clean via the application (app).

Organisation: Sreenihdi-Hub – Centre for Innovation and Entreprenuership Development Sreenidhi Institute of Science and Technology,


Category: Home/Healthcare/Fitness

Country: India

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