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Description: This idea represents the design and development of our software product “PREDICTO-SMART BRIDGES AND CONSTRUCTIONS”. Our Software predicts the life of the bridges and constructions by considering the geomorphic conditions of the bridges and constructions. Here constructions can be any buildings or huge monuments constructed. It acquires the required information regarding the weather from various API’s and also various suitable sensors are embedded into the bridges. The embedded sensors provide the information regarding the loads acting at different points on the bridges and constructions and also alerts the maintenance team if any maintenance is required to the bridge. The sensors can be embedded into the bridges and other structures during their construction or even after the construction. This software helps us to overcome sudden collapses of the bridge by monitoring the bridge at regular intervals of time. This software is not only limited to the bridges but it can also be used in th

With the advancement of technology, manufacturing and constructing of massive and complex structures have become simple and efficient. This project represents the suitable materials required to construct the bridges which can survive till a span of 50 years and also technologies required to estimate the damage of the bridges and other constructions over a period of time and to overcome the damage. The suitable materials which are going to be used in the construction of the bridges can survive extreme loads and various stresses. Suitable sensors such as accelerometer and proximity probe can used to to detect the vibrations and other sensors to calculate other loads on the bridge and the cracks formed on the bridge and thus the bridges can be immediately renovated or repaired in order to reduce the destruction of the entire structure. All these sensors collect the data sends it Raspberry Pi. Later it sends the data to our developed application “PREDICTO”. The standard operating procedure of our software is as follows: • The main part of this machine is its Raspberry Pi, it acts like the brain of the entire product. • Raspberry Pi receives data from all the components and commands them to perform the suitable reflex actions. • Here, we use suitable materials and alloys in the manufacturing of the bridge in order to increase its life over 50 years and at a reasonably low cost. • After the construction of the bridge, accelerometers and proximity probes and suitable other sensors are embedded into the bridge at multiple locations in order to record the vibrations and other loads on the bridge regularly. • The data from the sensors are sent to the Raspberry Pi and later to the cloud server. • The data is sent from the cloud server further to our developed software- PREDICTO. • PREDICTO even access other API’s in order to acquire the weather conditions in the daily basis at the construction site in order to estimate the lifespan of the bridge. As the vibrations and other loads increases at very high pace and cracks form, the monitoring department get a warning alarm and thus the crack can be immediately renovated. • Due to this, the life span of the bridge exponentially increases. • This is the standard operating procedure of our software product “PREDICTO-SMART BRIDGES AND CONSTRUCTIONS". The PREDICTO software and the rest of the sensor set-up is not only limited to the bridges but also to any construction and can be operated with same or similar operating procedure. This software and sensors set-up once installed can work efficiently for very long time with minor maintenance if required.

Organisation: HANN TECH

Innovator(s): Nikitha Rudra, Karadi Abhinav Rohan, Niyaz Ali Sindhwani, Poojari Harika

Category: Safety/Security/Protection

Country: India

Silver Award