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Android app for retouch of scratches and curves on digital old photos

Description: We developed an Android app that automates restoration of the photos damaged by scratches using the author's retouching and processing algorithms optimized for smartphones. Our app provides a user-friendly alternative to professional software, it will come in handy for amateurs and professionals.

Our research found that while powerful tools like Adobe Photoshop exist for restoring images, they come with drawbacks and inconveniences. Such software has universal tools, which are not always suitable to deal with scanned scratches. The selection of damage must be done manually, and even with great attention to detail, the global processing methods used can cause duplication artifacts that are difficult to correct later. Our app is focused on solving a specific problem, which is the retouching of scratches and curves on digital old photos, so it offers a solution to these issues, with automated "one-click" processing using Android devices. Our author's retouching technique combines the useful properties of Gaussian and median filters while minimizing their drawbacks. Damaged areas are automatically detected by analyzing brightness differences between the damage and surrounding pixels. To make the process easier, we developed touch controls and joysticks for parameter adjustment, and real-time result observation. Our app simplifies and improves photo restoration for amateurs and saves time for professionals, making it easier to share high-quality, interesting old photos online.

Organisation: National Center “Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine” under the auspices of UNESCO

Innovator(s): Denys Hromovyi

Category: Information Technology

Country: Ukraine

Gold Award