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Euterpe Method – Sound in Multisensory Stimulation

Description: EUTERPE METHOD is an artistic-musical therapeutic psycho-pedagogy. We have already made it easy to use of sound through multisensory stimulation develops well-being and psycho-physiological balance which is lead to process of autonomy. This method is used in schools, on disability, Alzheimer’s Disease, drug addiction, Autism, in oncology, neuro-rehabilitation unit, where it is being researched at the OPBG Hospital (Italy).

Sound in multisensory stimulation, meaning multiple sound/musical therapeutic activities in osmosis with the environment (Synesthesy Room). Sound is the catalyst that allows the overlapping of several sensory stimuli simultaneously, choosing which to exclude, strengthen, add, cross or prevail. The initial goal is strengthening the social- communication interpersonal skills of people with disabilities. This method is defined as an artistic-musical educational psychology for learning, treatment and therapy. It has already developed as a mathematical table and an original algorithm, in order to compose a different sound path for each person. This method is awarded by UNESCO 11th edition of IIFME in Kuwait and ITE LONDON 2019. This method is applying in Italy, Lebanon and Iran in the various fields.


Innovator(s): TOMMASO LIUZZI

Category: Healthcare/Fitness

Country: Italy

Gold Award