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Bio-Glitter from Green Mussel Shells

Description: In this study, they conducted separation of calcium carbonate crystals from green mussel shells by using chemical and thermal treatments, and preparation into bio-glitter powder. Green mussel shells were immersed in a commercial bleaching reagent for conchiolin removal. The treated shells were calcined at 300 – 350 oC. After calcination, it showed the shells were more brittle and small pieces of glittering flakes were found from breaking shells, affecting elimination of interlamellar organic compounds in the shells by thermal treatment. The thermal treated glittering flakes were immersed in 18 % w/w hydrogen peroxide solution in order to remove organic compounds inside the flakes and reduce the particle size. The size of the glittering powder was collected by using 100 - 300 mesh sieving. The glittering powder is applicable as glitter in cosmetics. The preparation of bio-glitter powders from green mussel shells shows reducing the amount of waste and adding the value of the waste shells.

Organisation: Saint Louis School Chachoengsao

Innovator(s): Kamolchat Thongkorn, Natchaphak Jaiphian, Pornmaysa Tatit, Panya Kaewrod, Kanthanachot Chotkanjanaruang, Suwatchai Praparn, Pongprom Ponpermpoon

Category: Zero Waste Technologies

Country: Thailand

Bronze Award