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Description: In view of current situation we are seeing a rapid increase of positive cases day by day. Doctors and the medical staff who are treating the patients are also getting affected by the virus. Our idea is to reduce the direct interface between the patient and medical staff so that we can reduce the spread of virus between them. A Semi-autonomous bot is prepared to avoid direct contact between medical staff and the patient. This is basically designed to dispense medicines to the virus affected patients by the medical staff without any direct contact.

Our product is named as Mr.Medicó which means doctor in Spanish. The main aim of our product is to diminish the spread of virus between medical staff and patients in an affordable way. This is a Semi-autonomous bot which helps to increase the distance between medical staff and corona patients without disturbing the need of medical staff to their patients. Along with the Medicine dispency to the patients it has many other features too. It can sanitize the path through which it reaches the patient. It can develop a virtual live interaction between doctor and the patient So patient can consult the doctor with a digital interface. It will update details of patient by performing thermal screening and take the snap of his/her monitor and send to the doctor. This bot can be easily controlled by the medical staff without any previous experience. A tray is provided on the top to place medicines and it consists a screen with a camera to create digital interface. The main components used in our bot are ARDUINO,RF COMMUNICATION RECEIVER AND TRANSMITTER, SCREEN AND A CAMERA MODULE. The basic cost of our bot is around INR 8000. Our target customers can be reached through B2B-Hospitals.

Organisation: THE INNOVATORS


Category: Home/Healthcare/Fitness

Country: India

Silver Award