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Description: Now-a-days, sanitization has become so crucial in our day to day life. It has become a necessity to keep our surroundings such as floors etc clean and sanitized in these pandemic time. Even after the pandemic days people will get habituated in order to keep their surroundings clean , both at home and offices and also in the most of the public places. So, in order to keep the floors and surfaces sanitized and hygienic without any human intervention both people and government need a device and such product will even have a greater demand in market and industry.

Propose the solution to Problem Identified (Max 100 words) In order to overcome the above stated problem, we need a product which can clean and sanitize the floors in both private and public spaces with less or no human intervention at all. So, we have come up with a product called as ‘CLEANSO-THE SURFACE CLEANING ROBOT’. This product will ensure to keep the floors well cleaned in a hygienic way. Describe the product/process/ service and write how it is innovative / unique. (Max 100 words) Our product is “CLEANSO-THE SURFACE CLEANING ROBOT”. CLEANSO is a multi-purpose surface cleaning machine. Our product has its very own unique and innovative capabilities such as it can perform sweeping, mopping and drying simultaneously in a single go. It can operate both fully autonomously or by manual procedure. CLEANSO is a customer friendly product. Our product can be used in both public and private places.

Organisation: ANN TECH

Innovator(s): Karadi Abhinav Rohan, Niyaz Ali Sindhwani, Nikitha Rudra

Category: Home/Healthcare/Fitness

Country: India

Silver Award