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The Development of Multiprocessor Combined Telemechanical System Featuring Communication Channel Which Based on Computer Networks And Internet Protocols

Description: Developed and manufactured a multiprocessor combined telemechanic system, which is designed to control a cobot. This system provides control, telemeasurement, telesignaling and television using a existed communication channels based on computer networks and modern Enternet protocols for data-transfer.

The presented telemechanic system makes it possible to make cobot out of any industrial equipment or mechanism with access to it from home or even another country. This will allow to constantly conduct diagnostics of equipment, thereby warning in advance about the problem and preventing accidents, as well as effective perform of dangerous types of works remotely, without staff's risk. Specialists who have been injured in the workplace will have the opportunity to apply their knowledge and experience controlling a cobot. Also, people with disabilities will have access to employment: to operate street cleaner machine, which equipped with telemechanic system from home, etc

Organisation: National Center “Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine” under the auspices of UNESCO

Innovator(s): Ihor Shybka

Category: Drones

Country: Ukraine

Gold Award