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Description: The invention relates to a piece of furniture which replaces persons' long motionless sitting while watching TV and working at the computer, with a sitting providing a continuous mobility of the human body skeletal structure.

According to the invention, the piece consists of a chair having an ergonomic seat placed above a base plate fixed to a telescopic leg which rolls on some swinging rollers, between the seat and the base plate, there being an electro-mechanical oscillating assembly provided with a linear electric actuator, which imparts two simultaneous continuous oscillating movements to the seat, one of left-right inclination by 4° related to the horizontal and the other of rotation in the horizontal plane by an angle of 10° related to a median position, the repeated linear movement of the actuator being converted into two angular movements of the seat by means of a central hub. ADVANTAGES: - simplifies the use through the construction of the chair at values that do not reach the human stress phase; - maintaining the health of those prone to sedentary, by constantly changing their body position; - increasing work productivity by avoiding and/or reducing medical leave due to back pain; - ensures a preventive and permanent regimen of changing positions of the spine; - ensures the static and dynamic stability of the seat by tilting and twisting it; - elimination of sedentary by using the chair; APPLICATIONS: - Home Office and watching TV; - Office chair for long working session; - Physiotherapy treatments in medical clinics;

Organisation: Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu

Innovator(s): ȚÎȚU Aurel Mihail, MĂRGINEAN Ion, ȚÎȚU Ștefan, BOGORIN PREDESCU Oana, BOGORIN PREDESCU Adrian, MOLDOVAN Alexandru Marcel, OPREAN Constantin

Category: Medicine, Biotechnology and Medical Devices

Country: Romania

Gold Award