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No more leaking

Description: The wet umbrella can make place wet easily, it is quit embarrassing when it happened in public transport. It may make the floor slippery, getting seat or people nearby you wet. The invention can dry an umbrella quickly with 3 simple steps, it can be attached to most of the shape of umbrella.

Innovative: There are some solutions in the market to solve the wet umbrella problem, but most of them needed to bring extra parts, limited the users’ choose or too bulky. The invention could be easily installed to any umbrella with simple steps, it allows the user to dry the umbrella quickly and allow the user to have more choose of umbrella. Marketability: The invention cost only less then 2 USD, it is which is cheap in cost and help to solve a daily life problem that everyone come across. It could be popular in rainy place. Contribution: The wet floor could leaded to serious slippery, and hygiene problem. The invention could largely prevent such problem and lower the medical cost of a city in long time. The inventions can also lower the use of plastic umbrella bag in public area, can help to decrease the use of plastic. Function: A cone shape container can be attached to an umbrella with three simple steps. It can help to prevent water drop to floor or nearby from the umbrella during rainy day.

Organisation: CMA Choi Cheung Kok Secondary School

Innovator(s): DANIA Parveen

Category: Young inventors

Country: Hong Kong

Gold Award