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Potassium Test Kit

Description: Thailand's shrimp industry consists of at least 850 hatcheries and nearly 24,000 shrimp farms, some of which can be grown in low salinity waters. The potassium concentration is 380 ppm in seawater. But may be less than 20 ppm in low salinity water. Low potassium concentrations negatively affect shrimp survival and growth. Determining a very low potassium concentration is problematic. Our potassium test kits can measure potassium concentration directly by turbidimetric method. This kit provides fast results with only 5-10 millimeters water sample and detection range is 15-200 ppm of potassium. It is a suitable alternative to costly and complex laboratory methods such as flame photometry and atomic absorption spectrophotometer.

Organisation: Biochemistry Unit, Faculty of Veterinary Sciences, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

Innovator(s): Asst. Prof. Prapruddee Piyaviriyakul, DVM, PhD., Assoc. Prof. Nikom Chaisiri, Ph.D, Assist. Prof. Tanong Asawakarn, Ph.D, Miss. Sujin Sirisawadi, Miss. Nanthida Kunnasut

Category: Chemistry

Country: Thailand

Gold Award