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Onoake : Natural Remedies for Stroke Recovery

Description: Health Supplements Formulated from Moringa oleifera extract, Phyllanthus niruri extract, Nigella sativa extract and Propolis as Herbal Medicine like Antioxidants to increase immunity system as well to boost the immune system and maintain health. The effect of Moringa oleifera leaf extract on focal ischemic stroke induced by right middle cerebral artery occlusion

ONOAKE - Natural Remedies for Stroke Recovery Onoake is a natural product in the capsule form, which contains extracts of Moringa oleifera (moringa leaves), Phyllantus niruri (meniran), and Nigella sativa (black cumin) which work synergistically in maintaining and helping to improve body health. Moringa leaves or Moringa oleifera are called magic plants because they various benefits, including : Neuroprotektor, as an Antioxidant, and have the potential to treat dementia. In studies conducted on humans, the powder obtained from moringa leaf extract has no side effects so it is safe for daily consumption. Meniran or Phyllantus niruri rich in ANTIOXIDANTS, so that it has many benefits, one of which is to increase the body’s immunity. Habbatusauda or Jintan Hitam (black cumin) is already known for its various benefits. The various benefits of Jintan Hitam (black cumin) include : As an antioxidant, reducing degeneration of neurons, as an immunomodulator. Black seed has neuro-pototector activity which functions as an analgesic and reduces degeneration of neurons. Onoake has been registered with BPOM and FDA. Onoake is a strong product as health supplement (antioxidant, additional therapy for dementia and stunting patients, and maintaining body health) with patent number IDS000003834.

Organisation: PT Natura Nuswantara Nirmala

Innovator(s): Prof. Dr. apt. Syamsudin, M.Biomed. , apt. Greesty Finotory Swandiny, M.Pharm , Edward Basilianus, SE., MM , Sucipto Kokadir, BSC. , Henryanto Komala, BSC., MBA

Category: Medicine, Biotechnology and Medical Devices

Country: Indonesia

Silver Award