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Visible Deep-water salvage pllatform

Description: The Visible deep-water salvage platform. Known as the V.D.W.S.P. is a device which is specially design for Deep-water salvage task. In the past, how do people finish these tasks in deep water? Well, the dumbest way always the best way. First, you will need some ships and divers and a lot of money. It’s more like throwing cash into to the sea than have your ships back on to the ground, it just doesn’t wroth it no matter in the past or now, or really? Save your pocket, we developed a new way of salvage we call him the “Claw crane” system, to achieve that, we need a new platform, so here we are, we developed a new salvage platform, we call him the “visual-able deep-water salvage platform” or his nickname “Dragon King Whale” instead.

We started developing the platform since early 2020, when the time China discovered a ship is at the bottom of the South China sea, and they want to safe it, because it was an 800-years-old ship and it is definitely wroth it, even though it wroth, but it still cost way too much because the machines that they are using is too expensive and they are not easy to maintain, and that brings us lots of disadvantages of having the ship back on the ground. The major problems are 1.cost too much 2.too many ships 3.too dangerous, So how do we deal with that ? The first problem “Cost too much problem” is the ultimate problem for us, the money problem are also the hardest, so we have to put away and leave it to the end ,Let just deal with the second one first, there is too many ships working at the same time, we want to build a boat which could allow us to fit in all the tools we need to put up that ship, the third problem, the danger of the work, apparently in the past we need a lot of divers, at the same time we increased the dangers for the divers, we could cut the divers amount from10 to 5 or form 5 to 3, by that we could lower the dangers, but that means we need more machinery to finish the diver’s job and that will be a big challenge.... Please go to Virtual Booth and see our presentation to find out more.

Organisation: The Workers’ Children High School of Macao, Macao, China

Innovator(s): Kunk Chon Man, Chao Man Sam, Wong Un Man

Category: Young inventors

Country: Macau

Silver Award