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Method and system for limiting the load curve

Description: The invention involves a specific communication and adjustment system in relation to controllable electrical sources (e.g. charging and/or power supply systems) with which adjustable electrical consumers are equipped and/or flexibly supplied (e.g. electric propulsion vehicles or hybrid), simultaneously connected to an electrical network with limited energy capacity, so that it limits and/or regulates one or more electrical parameters (e.g. electrical voltage, electrical current, etc.).

Organisation: Stefan cel Mare University of Suceava

Innovator(s): Bejenar Ciprian, Bejenar Marian, Milici Laurențiu-Dan, Pentiuc Radu-Dumitru, Atănăsoae Pavel, Popa Cezar-Dumitru, Pop Teodor, Ifrim Visarion

Category: Energy

Country: Romania

Gold Award