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Method of stimulating the growth of tomato and radish seedlings in in vitro culture conditions with the use of growth medium supplemented with biochar (P.442420)

Description: The subject of the invention is a method of stimulating the growth of tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) and radish (Raphanus sativus L. var. sativus) seedlings under in vitro culture conditions using growth medium with biochars obtained from pine sawdust, sycamore sawdust, or oak leaves.

The seeds are surface disinfected in 1.6-2.0% sodium hypochlorite for 4-9 min., then the seeds are rinsed in distilled water 3-4 times for 5-7 min., and next placed on the standard MS medium for micropropagation with the addition of biochar at a concentration of 50-100 mg•L-1, obtained in the process of low-temperature pyrolysis at 400°C, from pine sawdust, sycamore sawdust, oak leaves, under atmospheric pressure, for 60 min., and then the in vitro cultures are placed for 3 weeks in a growth room with a temperature of 18-22ºC, photoperiod with 18 hours of light, 40 μmol∙m-2∙s-1. The advantages of the invention are: - stimulation of the in vitro growth of shoots and roots of tomato and radish seedlings, - no symptoms of phytotoxicity of the used biochars obtained from organic materials, - shortening and increasing the efficiency of tomato and radish production cycles.

Organisation: Bydgoszcz University of Science and Technology

Innovator(s): Alicja Tymoszuk, Piotr Wojewódzki

Category: Agriculture and Aquaculture

Country: Poland

Gold Award