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Smart traffic light

Description: The smart traffic light not only gives commands for the traffic sequence, but also monitors their execution. In case that the smart traffic light detects a violation of traffic rules, all other road users will be immediately warned about it through the most reliable and efficient information channel - all road users will see a red light is turned on.

A method of organizing the movement of vehicles has been invented, in which the traffic light not only gives commands for the sequence of movement and stops, but also monitors the execution of these commands by the participants of the movement. If we consider a classic situation at a city intersection, where visibility for drivers is limited by houses, it is clear that with such a small view, the only means that can ensure safe movement through the intersection is the clear execution of traffic light commands by all traffic participants. Suppose that the traffic light once again switched the light and allowed movement in one direction and prohibited movement in the perpendicular direction, but the driver of one of the cars began to perform maneuvers that violate the rules of street traffic. Then the video surveillance and video control equipment connected to the traffic light will record the illegal movement of the violator and as a result, the traffic light will immediately turn on the red light for all traffic participants in all directions of traffic, which will force everyone to stop and thus avoid future collisions. That is, by equipping a traffic light with means of automatic traffic control, we can turn it into a device not only for regulating street traffic, but also into a traffic control system with the option of warning all road users about the occurrence of emergency situations.

Organisation: National Center “Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine” under the auspices of UNESCO

Innovator(s): Bohdan Hlavatskiy

Category: Safety/Security/Protection

Country: Ukraine

Silver Award