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Smart Bus Butler

Description: Macao is a very small city that only has 32.8 square kilometers, but the average daily bus capacity can reach 627,000 passengers. Especially when commuting, It's very difficult to take the bus, very crowded, and very uncomfortable. However, the bus company does not know the demand of buses on each route in real time, and can only allocate the number of buses based on experience, but this is not accurate, so it is often the case that too many buses are allocate on certain routes and too few are allocate, so I want to work out a "Smart Bus Majordomo" to completely solve this problem.

The "Smart Bus Majordomo" will calculate the situation in the car and calculate the number of people in the car. When the number of people in the bus reaches the standard, the bus will sound an alarm to let the personrd number of buses has reached the standard. In this way, the number of people on the bus is controlled. The bus will be equipped with LCD display panels and foot pedals. Whenever someone picks up the pedals on the door floor, the number of "remaining passengers" displayed on the LCD display panel will decrease. It goes without saying that if someone picks up the pedal under the door of the car, the number of "number of people allowed" displayed on the LCD display panel will increase. If the bus is full, the bus will sound an alarm when the number exceeds the limit In the future, I want improve the function of "Smart Bus Majordomo", Continuous optimization the functions system. Let "Smart Bus Majordomo" help all the citizens of the world. Improve and smooth the traffic, optimize bus operations. In the shortest time, let everyone can comfortably reach their destination.


Innovator(s): KA CHI NGON

Category: Young inventors

Country: Macau

Gold Award