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Development of Bifunctional Catalyst based on Zeolitic Imidazolate Framework‚Äźderived Cobalt Phosphosulfide Nanoparticles Encapsulated into P, S, N Tri-doped Carbon and its application in Zinc-air battery

Description: We have found and synthesised a new high-performance bifunctional electrocatalyst and applied in Zinc-air battery, which is an electrocatalyst consists of cobalt phosphosulfide (CoPS) nanoparticles embedded in sulfur, phosphorus, nitrogen tri-doped carbon (CoPS@SPNC) derived from zeolitic imidazolate framework-67 (ZIF-67).

Recent years, Zinc-air battery (ZAB) has drawn wide interest in electrochemistry. Herein, a highly active electrode catalyst for the oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) and oxygen evolution reaction (OER) is essential owing to its critical role. In our project, we propose a high-performance electrocatalyst consists of cobalt phosphosulfide(CoPS) nanoparticles encapsulated with S, P, N-tri-doped carbon(CoPS@SPNC) derived from zeolitic imidazolate framework-67 (ZIF-67) by a sulfidation and phosphating process of the optimized carbonized Co nanoparticles embedded N-doped carbon(Co@NC) which is stable and highly active that we hope to substitute Pt to commercialize, popularize ZAB.

Organisation: Pui Ching Middle School Macau

Innovator(s): LO, WENG KA, SHE, CHO CHENG

Category: Young inventors

Country: Macau

Gold Award