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The Piezometer

Description: The piezometric pressure measuring device allows to measure underground water levels of the lowest floors of buildings. The solution from the WAT can replace the tall pipes used to check the level of established underground water and allows for measurement of water pressure with an accuracy of 1 cm H2O.

The innovative device used to measure underground water pressure under the lowest floors of buildings was developed entirely in the Department of Civil Engineering and Geodesy of the Military University of Technology (WAT). The innovative solution in the form of a measuring chamber can replace the tall pipes used to check the level of established underground water. It solves the common problem of lack of space for installing piezometer pipes in underground parts of buildings. The WAT solution is inexpensive and simple to apply. It allows precise measurement of water pressure under the floor - with an accuracy of 1 cm H2O. The device allows for testing the pressure continuously, determining its variability over time and continuous monitoring of water pressure under construction objects. This enables the solution to be effectively tailored to the existing threat and the determination of maximum, rather than instantaneous values. This is of particular importance with regard to the changing level of underground water levels over the seasons. This makes it possible to properly select solutions for remedial systems to prevent underground water intrusion into underground parts of building structures. The solution has been filed as a patent invention, no. P. 445717.

Organisation: Military University of Technology

Innovator(s): Ryszard Chmielewski, Tadeusz Ɓuczak, Kamil Sobczyk

Category: Other/Miscellaneous

Country: Poland

Gold Award