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Water saving shower bath with automatic switch

Description: When we shower in the bathroom, we often encounter situations where we need to leave temporarily, such as beating soap, etc. We often have trouble switching the shower , and it is a waste if the shower water is not turned off. How to do? After a period of research, our research team has developed a shower device with ultrasonic sensor automatic control switch. The core of this device is the ultrasonic sensor and electromagnetic switch. We installed three ultrasonic sensors in different locations to detect human body. When the human body enters the sensing area, the shower will automatically turn on. When the human body leaves the sensing area, the shower will automatically turn off. Both are instant switches, so we are in the shower It is very convenient when it can save a lot of water resources. After several months of trial and error, the experiment was successful. Our device fully realizes the function we require. This product consists of 7 parts: (1) Ultrasonic sensor (ultrasonic t

IDEA OF INVENTION Electromagnetic induction control water switch is often seen, such as the faucet of the washbasin. Those are optoelectronic sensors. They only need to sense the object and open the faucet, and they are not responsible for closing. There is a delay to complete the closing. It is not an instant switching device. Our switch is an instant switch device. In addition, this type of switch cannot be used in environments such as bathrooms, because water vapor will cause the switch to malfunction. The ultrasonic wave is not disturbed by water vapor and is suitable for bathroom use. MAIN USES It is used in the bathroom and automatically switches the shower. It is convenient and comfortable to use and saves water. INNOVATION Ultrasonic induction of the human body, automatic switch shower, instant switch, no delay. EXPERIMENTAL SITUATION The experiment was successful and fully achieved our expected goal. WHAT IMPROVEMENTS ARE NEEDED There is a need for improvement is that the waterproof function of the probe needs to be further strengthened. Adjust the parameters to further adjust the sensing range. ARE THERE ANY SIMILAR PRODUCTS There are no similar products.

Organisation: Hou Kong Middle School


Category: Young inventors

Country: Macau

Silver Award