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Description: Echo of Valor represents an innovative initiative designed to make learning enjoyable for individuals of various age groups. The project introduces an educational gaming experience where players step into the shoes of a forgotten founder of the singular Allied espionage network in North Africa during World War II.

The gameplay unfolds within authentically recreated locations of the era, providing players with a tangible sense of the historical context. Through this immersive experience, participants gain insights into the often overlooked topic of Polish intelligence during World War II. The goal of our innovation is to show younger and older audiences that history is very interesting. We want to give them opportunity to ignite the passion for history and learn it in the best possible way – by having fun. We will be using a lot of innovating technology and ideas to make that happen. Our first game is telling the story of Mieczysław Zygfryd Słowikowski - a founder of the biggest atthose timesand and the spy network in world and the only one in North Africa. Echo Of Valor is set between 1939-1943 in North Africa. It tells the amazing story of Mieczysław Zygfryd Słowikowski. He was a genius spy and his and network altered course of history. Thanks to him, “Torch” operation happened. The formula of Echo Of Valor can be used to present any time or subject in history. While developing our game we are using a lot of new technology for example: Nanite, LOD(Level Of Details), Ray Tracing and even DLSS. In the future we aim to develop this game for PC ,consoles and even bring it in to the VR.

Organisation: Edison International School

Innovator(s): Students: Jan Widerowski, Tymoteusz Miłoś, Adam Oleksiak, Tutors: Barbara Halska, Jerzy Maduzia

Category: Education

Country: Poland

Silver Award