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A Smart Chinese Herbal Medicine Cabinet

Description: We will cooperate with bluetooth, an excellent communication technology, Appinventor design software layout, and Arduino platform to create control equipment to transform the traditional hundred sub-cabinet. It will greatly shorten the time of prescription, enable the hospital to hire ordinary workers who know nothing about pharmacology, and make the purchase of Traditional Chinese medicine more systematic. Our works are transformed on the traditional hundred son cabinet by adding the required components and realizing the intelligent effect. Combining science and technology on the basis of tradition, our works have their own unique characteristics and will not fall behind the era of rapid development. With the help of the ancient philosophers ark, when the doctor good prescription, their staff can make prescription with flat electricity through the network, immediately on the tablet show intuitive graphical interface, traditional Chinese medicinal materials quickly and accurately find

After looking at in the patient's diagnosis, the doctor can use the computer or mobile phone communications equipment, such as the transmission of patients need a prescription to the shahe on the phone or tablet, phone or tablet can store or record a prescription, so that more than one patient treatment requires this prescription, a key copy, this medicine can be used on our APP is convenient, in addition to the doctor, the patient also can use mobile phone to the Chinese medicine prescriptions, and record the prescription, and then the doctor can show through the new type of ark of the ancient philosophers. How does the new Chinese Herbal Medicine Cabinet work? First of all, open your tablet or mobile device and download the appinventor we have written. After downloading the appinventor, open it and the appinventor will appear. There will be a number of buttons on the layout, corresponding to the cabinet cabinet. You can use voice input to find several herbs you want to grab, and press the button with the same name. The button and the indicator light on the cabinet will light up red. In this way, you can find the target you need in a large number of cabinets. After grabbing the drugs one by one, will open a medicine cabinet to close again, the light and the button on the cabinet will be put out at the same time, the difference between the red light and the light will be turned off respectively, and the medicinal materials not caught. After grasping all the medicinal materials, the light will be put out. After just a few simple operations, we can accurately and quickly grab the needed medicinal materials.

Organisation: Hou Kong Middle School


Category: Home/Healthcare/Fitness

Country: Macau

Gold Award