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CR003 – EXPRESS Coal Blend Expansion Pressure Analyzer


Measuring the expansion pressure of coal blends or single types of coking coals is an issue that many companies around the world have been working on for a long time. Despite many attempts and various devices, this issue still remains unsolved. The CR003 analyzer offered by Łukasiewicz – Tele and Radio Research Institute is based on the measurement assumptions of the PN-G-04522:1973 standard, while introducing certain modifications to improve and upgrade the determination. Due to the use of an induction heater in the device, a very good repeatability of the temperature course has been achieved, which in combination with a systematic method of sample preparation allows for obtaining repeatable determination results. The measurement process is carried out autonomously by the analyzer without the need of supervision by external devices (e.g. PC). The user operates the device by means of a built-in operator panel, where the status of the device is presented and its operation parameters can be set. The operation of the device is controlled by a PLC, in the memory of which the last test is stored in an electronic form (.csv). The record is accessed through a web browser on a computer connected to the device within a local network. The data can be read out in any spreadsheet, e.g. Microsoft Excel or Libre Office.

Organisation: Łukasiewicz - ITR

Innovator(s): Michał Czerwiński, Tomasz Wódka, Łukasz Grotkowski, Lucjan Nafalski, Aleksander Zawada

Category: Industry 4.0

Country: Poland

Gold Award