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An innovative system consisting of intelligent sensors measuring critical parameters of railway rolling stock and a web application for data processing, monitoring and analysis with the use of artificial intelligence mechanisms.

Description: Both passenger and freight trains are already preparing for the introduction of fully autonomous trains. At the moment, driverless trains work only on separate lines, and autonomous driving systems are used in subways in e.g. Paris, Sydney and Shanghai. These solutions are developed thanks to artificial intelligence, which is now used worldwide in high-speed railroads. Although in Poland they are only at the planning stage, AI technologies are already being developed and implemented by Polish carriers and engineers. The benefits of intelligent solutions include, among others, increased safety and prevention of breakdowns, reduced costs, improved train punctuality and passenger comfort.

The aim of the project is to meet the needs of the railroad and freight transport industry for ongoing monitoring of the condition and management of rolling stock online through the use of modern technologies, tools and algorithms of artificial intelligence with autonomous supply of sensors. The system is expected to operate globally, i.e. across Europe and Asia, while the rail vehicle is in motion and while stationary. The key advantage of the sensor system is the ability to inform railroad carriers about irregularities in the operation and wear of freight wagon components before a serious breakdown requiring long repairs and overhauls occurs. As a result the System will reduce the costs of rolling stock maintenance. The following sensors are planned to be used in the System: 1. loading sensor, 2. Vibration sensor 3. axle bearing temperature sensor 4. wheel set temperature sensor 5. geolocation sensor. Application of the aforementioned sensors will allow to reduce the costs of wheelset repairs, brakes and bearings replacement, to predict in advance the probability of cracks occurrence on the wheelsets and to limit the risk of excessive wear of the parts. The main recipients of the Project results will be the railroad freight carriers and the owners of the rolling stock. Project co-financed by National Centre for Research and Development under the competition "Path for Mazowsze".

Organisation: Ɓukasiewicz - ITR

Innovator(s): Aleksander Lisowiec, Mariusz Kucharek

Category: Transport and Logistics

Country: Poland

Gold Award