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Magnetite/thioacids@Ag or Au multifunctional systems used for diagnosis and targeted delivery in cancer


The invention refers to a process for the preparation of functionalized magnetic systems. The as obtained systems are composed by three components, structured in a magnetite core and a thioacid shell. Due to the high affinity of the thiol groups for silver or gold surfaces, the as obtained core@shell structures can be easily decorated with Ag or Au nanoparticles. Depending on the absorption conditions, these nanoparticles can lead to a secondary, continuous or discontinuous shell. The magnetite core and the Ag/Au shell can be exploited for both diagnosis or targeted treatment of cancer. The targeting ability can be also improved by absorbing specific molecules onto the surface. The antitumoral activity of these systems is assured by the hyperthermia and photothermia but, if desired, also specific drugs (cytostatics) can be absorbed into these suprastructures. The presence of nanoparticles (magnetite as well as silver or gold nanoparticles) is promising candidate as contrast agent in imaging. Also, by changing the synthesis route, composite materials can be also obtained instead of the core-shell structure. Some of the most characteristic multifunctional systems are represented schematically in the forthcoming image.

Organisation: University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest

Innovator(s): Denisa FICAI, Ecaterina ANDRONESCU, Maria SONMEZ, Anton FICAI, Ovidiu OPREA, Bogdan Stefan VASILE

Category: Nanotechnology

Country: Romania

Gold Award