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Chemical Experiment Assistant

Description: Chemical experiment assistant is an open platform for experiment assistance, which can not just cooperate well with STEM teaching mode, but also solve the time limit, safety and equipment requirements and other problems encountered in scientific exploration for secondary school students. What’s more, chemical experiment assistant opens up a wide exploration space creatively. Students can design platforms to carry out interest-based scientific research, which can provide students impressive learning experience.

STEM is the trend of educational reform and development. The education of chemistry should also actively integrate all kinds of science and technology to improve the quality of education by means of science and technology. Therefore, I designed the auxiliary teaching aids of "chemical experiment assistant" on the platform of “raspberry PI”. This equipment can cooperate well with independent learning to carry out a broad space for students to explore. This equipment platform can provide students impressive learning experience of chemistry. Chemical experiment assistant is an open platform. Based on their own interest in experiments, students can reconstruct this equipment. In fact, "chemical experiment assistant" is kind of STEM topics. How to use and transform chemical experiment assistant to conduct different chemical experimental exploration? This is the question that students need to find out. The crystallization of potassium nitrate is a very important chemical experiment for Junior 3 students. Such an experiment aims to let students have fun with exploring the process of crystallization, which can greatly improve the teaching effect. However, crystallization of potassium nitrate is a slow and complex process. To obtain beautiful crystals, hours have to be spent waiting. Therefore, with time limit of lesson, students get no choice but take time to watch the experimental results after class, and can't observe the crystallization process. With chemical experiment assistant, students can get hand-on experience of observation. This equipment can give a long-time record of experimental phenomena by taking pictures at regular time. At the same time, the changes of the system temperature is also recorded. After class, students can get the image records of crystallization process, the data of temperature changes and organized reports. Teachers can combine the images to demonstrate in class, so as to enhance students' interest in learning. In addition, if the reaction rate is relatively high, for example hydrogen explosion experiment, we also can use chemical experiment assistant to control risk.

Organisation: Hou Kong Middle School


Category: Chemical

Country: Macau

Silver Award