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Domestic Aluminium Can Compactor (DACC)

Description: Treasuring natural resources as well as nurturing and promoting recycling methods are critical and complex challenges for humanity in today’s world. In the 11th Malaysia Plan, the policies for treasuring natural resources comes under SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) for the growth of humanity. All the elements for this specific target fall in SDG’s Goal 12, which calls for a profound transformation in the society to love and protect Mother Nature. Efficient management system on the disposal of toxic waste, pollutants and recycling useable materials can help to achieve the elements of this goal. The invention of the scientific mechanical device, the “Domestic Aluminum Can Compactor”, is in line with this government policy. The device is an eco-friendly tool that helps protect the environment and reduces the depletion of natural resources.

The mechanical properties of the device can easily recycle aluminum cans compactable into small packages. To facilitate testing this hypothesis, a method was developed, compressing the aluminum cans vertically into a narrow cylindrical passageway using heavy-duty irons rods mechanically. Stainless steel is considered as the proper metal for the construction of this device to sustain durability. The invention of this mechanical device carries many invaluable properties for domestic purposes. First and foremost, the device is environmentally-friendly and cost-saving. The model reduces wastage and storage space due to its compactable size. The construction materials of this device are durable and, in terms of lifting and placing, it is portable. Recycling is an effective way to protect the environment and restore natural resources. Sustaining natural resources is an important prerequisite for the survival of mankind and the ecological system. Adhering to the SDG’s Goal 12, this invention can be an essential device to restore the sustainability of natural resources for the betterment of mankind in general across the globe.



Category: Environment

Country: Malaysia

Gold Award