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Missing Child Identification System

Description: In India a countless number of children are reported missing every year. Among the missing child cases a large percentage of children remain untraced. We made novel use of deep learning methodology for identifying the reported missing child from the photos of multitude of children available, with the help of face recognition.

In this, the public can upload photographs of suspicious child into a common portal with landmarks and remarks. The photo will be automatically compared with the registered photos of the missing child from the repository.Classification of the input child image is performed and photo with best match will be selected from the database of missing children. For this, a deep learning model is trained to correctly identify the missing child from the missing child image database provided, using the facial image uploaded by the public.

Organisation: Sreenidhi Institute of Science and Technology,India

Innovator(s): Srichand Medagani, Sai Preetham Dongari, Sanket Gemawat, Dr N Divya

Category: Information Technology

Country: India

Gold Award