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Dupli Tracker

Description: One of the major problems in today’s technological world is Plagiarism. As per the researchers, nearly 80% of students admit to cheating at least once. Moreover, it is becoming very difficult for organizations to check who is stealing the other's work. By taking the ideas and words of others and pretending they are your own is like you are stealing someone else's intellectual property. Many of them unknowingly do this but sometimes it leads to legal action, fines, penalties, etc. It is a bit easy to check the plagiarism between two typed documents but the major issue comes when the documents are hand written. So, to solve these major issues we have proposed a solution that benefits today’s market and provides the accurate solution to these issues.

We have come up with a tool that has capability of detecting plagiarized content from different documents whether they might be handwritten/typed but the accuracy rate of detection is the same. Our tool has the ability to scan and compare multiple documents which makes the work of organizations much easier and faster. It also displays the similarity percentage between different documents which is a plus point to the one who is genuine among all. Let’s say if four different texts by four different people A,B,C,D are given for checking. Now the tool compares and displays the similarity percentages. Example: B and C probability is 89.1% and even provides them a statement like plagiarism and cheating is not allowed. So, these multiple features make the tool unique and a suggested one in today’s market. The application is built over python. The application can be used with both typed text and handwritten documents. We use cosine similarity to detect plagiarized content and machine learning to use the tool on handwritten documents such as exams answer sheets, technical research papers, articles etc. The application then shows the similarity of documents in 3 categories (High, Medium, Low) with the highest similar documents on top.

Organisation: Sreenidhi Institute of Science and Technology,India

Innovator(s): Ashwin Kumar Uppala, Aakanksha R Rangdal, Rani Chowdharym, Dr Manu Gupta

Category: Information Technology

Country: India

Bronze Award