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Description: People are losing their valuable time waiting at bill counters in super markets and store and also it’s difficult to senior citizens to push the cart full of groceries so we are trying our best to overcome this problems. THE TEAMS APPROACH TO THE PROBLEM:- We planned to arrange a cart allow groceries into it by scanning itself and a billing system where we need not to wait for long time and can check out by own billing . What inspired us to select the problem? The struggle people in stores,suffering to stand at billing counter for long time as time is a more valuable and predominant in our daily life in order to benefit all age group people we made a step towards this project. What do you feel is the most innovative part of the problem? Making the cart move autonomously ( which is helpful for senior citizens, pregnant women and people with health complications) and the self billing system are the two innovative ideas we made for this project.

A supermarket is a place where customers come to purchase their daily using products and pay for that. A shopping cart is a wheeled cart supplied by a shop for the customers inside the premises, to transport their merchandise. With this traditional shopping cart system many people are wasting their time at the billing counters and its also difficult for them to move heavy carts which is full of groceries. Our system gives solution to reduce the shopping time at supermarkets and also helps the senior citizens, pregnant women and people with health complications. Every supermarket employs shopping trolley in order to aid customers to select the products which they intend to purchase. At billing counter customer may face many problems like waiting and don't know even they have sufficient money for the products they purchase. The billing process at the counter is a time consuming and also need more human resource in the billing section. To tackle this problem, we have proposed a solution in which a LET ME HELP YOU ( Smart trolley ) is used to overcome these problems. It has an automatic billing with mobile robot system. The touchscreen which is attached to cart displays the product information, cost and total bill. The RFID technology is used for scanning items. Using mobile application in the customers phone billing payment is done by online payment options such as google pay, phone pay and paytm. All the data is sent to app from retailers database through main gateway. We are also providing stock analysis of the store in our app. This solution will increase the consumer experience and reduces the shopping time and reduces burden for retailers.



Category: Other/Miscellaneous

Country: India

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