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Real Time Traffic Density Monitoring Using Intelligent Traffic Signaling System

Description: In present day, the rapid increase in vehicle density is leading to many problems because of traffic congestion. It has become very difficult to clear traffic on busy roads or to give way to emergency vehicles like ambulance. In this paper, we are proposing a Dynamic Traffic Signaling system which measures the traffic density on each of the 4 lanes at a traffic signal junction using Image Processing techniques and assigns Timer to these signals according to the density. The timer allocated to the signal is updated after some pre-defined interval of time if any dynamic increase in traffic density is observed on the respective lane. Apart from that, we have also worked on Ambulance Detection method is this system which gives green signal to a lane whenever an ambulance is detected and the signal stays green till Ambulance leaves.

1. An image is taken as a frame from the real-time video input of each camera. 2. Check if any emergency vehicle is detected; if true then give a green signal to the specific lane until the ambulance is out of the frame of that specific lane. 3. Calculation of the vehicle density is done if any emergency vehicle is not detected, and allots the timer for the green signal to that specific lane. 4. The order is decided for each frame from different lanes and then according to that order the green signal is given for the allotted time for each lane. 5. Check for any increase in the density for the presently given green lane after a specified time and increase the timer accordingly unless it reaches the threshold time limit for each lane. This loop is repeated again and again all over by taking the input images and the steps so on so forth.

Organisation: T-Nine Co

Innovator(s): Aditya Raj Kothapally, M MSaiPrakash, M Vaishnavi, VennamRoopshika, Dr. Aruna Varanasi

Category: Transport and Logistics

Country: India

Gold Award