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Time Series : Covid-19 Outbreak Prediction

Description: Viral pandemics are a serious threat. COVID-19 is not the first, and it won't be the last.But, like never before, we are collecting and sharing what we learn about the virus. Hundreds of research teams around the world are combining their efforts to collect data and develop solutions. ● Let’s promote the research to fight this pandemic and prepare ourselves better for the next one. ● By taking all the possible dependent factors such as r-factor,time, daily confirmed cases, total confirmed cases, total deceased, and daily deceased as per the dataset. We predict the outcome.

Covid-19 has become a dangerous name in 2020.It has severe spreading power,an infected person can spread up to 40000 people before he gets cured. So, the health department failed with the wrong prediction of numbers. Therefore, to avoid such misassumptions. I created a web application. ● My application is designed using the Django web framework and the prediction is done using multi-linear regression in Machine learning in Python. ● The COVID-19 dataset consists of around 173 records. These records show the information related to coronavirus cases in the country over the period of time from January to July. It contains around 7 attributes like date, daily confirmed, total confirmed, daily recovered, total recovered, daily deceased, total decreased, etc. Based on this information, we need to predict the total confirmed as well as total deceased cases as per the given future dates. ● My project is very useful for the health department as well as the common people. Because no one is able to predict the rise or fall in cases day by day. And it is human inefficient to predict the cases and changes from person to person. So to avoid the chaos, my web application is very much useful to predict future cases with efficiency. ● The health department of India as well as the world are facing a great challenge with this pandemic and they could not meet the right needs of a patient and lack in the number of drugs, ventilators, oxygen cylinders,etc.. ● So, by using my project one could easily predict the number of cases on any day as per the user's wish. ● I can proudly say that this can save many lives and can remove the chaos in many minds. ● This helps in the right evaluation of cases thereby helping the health department to preplan the future rise in cases and creates a chance of defeating the virus and saving the lives of millions of people.

Organisation: Sreenidhi Institute of Science and Technology

Innovator(s): Sai Charan Thummalapudi, , Dr K Vijayalakshmi, Dr. V V S S S Balaram

Category: Information Technology

Country: India

Gold Award