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Crime Registration Interface

Description: In the current mode of crime investigation, preprocessing of the case such as ling an FIR, assigning the case to a concerned ocer and status update of the report are slow moving processes because they are carried out oine. And also converting these oine reports into digital data is also a challenging task. To cope with such challenges, there is a need for improving the current system of reporting crime.

We provide a solution - Crime Registration Interface, an interactive web interface. The main objective of our model is to provide a 24x7 online crime-reporting provision. This interface allows victims and witnesses of a crime to report the incident at any time and any place. It eases the task of recording and digitalization of the crime hence removing the hectic task of paper work. It also enables easy le sharing and accessing. Our model is an easy to use interface built on client-server architecture. It is built with the capabilities of speech-to-text and text-to-speech. Apart from recording the crime, it also provides insights of the crimes for analysis purposes. One such characteristic in our model is a crime map which shows the density of crimes reported by location. Totally, our model is successful in registering the crime online, and providing crimeanalysis and awareness.

Organisation: MazeCode

Innovator(s): Pavan Kumar, Bhanu Kiran, Sushanth Reddy, Jaideep, Mrs Mamatha T, Dr T Vijaya Saradhi, Dr Aruna Varanasi

Category: Safety/Security/Protection

Country: India

Gold Award