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Automatic Feed Dispenser for Modern Aquaculture System

Description: Fish have a feeding schedule of 3-6 times per day, making it difficult for the fish owner to be away from home. Also it is not feasible for fish owners to leave extra food in their fish tank before leaving for an extended period. Over feeding fish is one of the leading causes of fish fatality. When the food begins to break down in the tank, the proteins release ammonia, nitrites, and reduce the amount of oxygen in the water, all of which are harmful to the fish. To solve the above mentioned problems, this product has been designed. Our product automatically feed the fish with accurate amount at predetermined time. This provide the fish with sufficient food at right cycle for profitable yield.

The system allows users to easily set up the time and amount of feed depending on the requirements of the fish. This is more reliable than human as the feed quantity and timing is on point. The main aim is to reduce the manual work, labor costs and time through making the system automated. Effective fish feeding is essential for proper health and growth of fishes. The fish will be properly fed without leading to overfeeding or underfeeding. The feed parameters such as Fish Weight, Feed Frequency, Body weight % and Number of Fishes are to be considered. The feed shall be calculated using a formula which contains these parameters. The components include Arduino-UNO4x4, Matrix keypad, 16*2 LCD, Push button, Servo Motor, Resistor, Connecting wires and Breadboard. The display board allows us to see the time at which the owner has set for the feed to be fed. This device helps users to easily setup the time (16 slots per day) and amount of feed (depends on the feed pellet size) depending on requirements of fish.Further extension is to have a weight-based model where in we can give an input of feed value keeping in mind all the feed parameters, as there will be an accurate amount of feed fed to the fish in the tank.Our proposed system consists of mechanical, electrical and communica- tion components integrated with IoT (Internet of Things). The mechanical part consists of the servo motor controlled by the Arduino uno via web/mobile application, which can dispense food pellets via appropriate rotations of the container containing the food pellets as per the owner’s preference. The web/ mobile application consists of the user fixed scheduling, feeding data There are two modes of feeding-remotely (manual) by application or via pre-scheduled feeding time set by the owner. In scheduled feeding, the owner must fix the schedule in the web/mobile app page. In the manual feeding, the user must feed the fish remotely via the web/mobile application. In short, the module can be used for scheduled feeding of the fish or remotely feed via application.

Organisation: AMA AquaSolutions

Innovator(s): B Abhishek, P Aashray, Manish Maryala, Mentor: Dr Manugupta

Category: Agriculture & Aquaculture

Country: India

Gold Award