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UV Sterilization Warrior

Description: UVC Warrior is a medical sterilizer using the effective range of ultraviolet wave in order to disrupt the DNA of bacteria and viruses (RNA) .

UV warrior, a Lebanese patent invention, contrived by Eng. Mohamad Ismail and deployed at the level of Baalbeck COVID-19 Governmental Center since March 2020, the early beginning of COVID-19 pandemic, is a disinfection robot, designated to sterilize COVID units and hospitals using UVC of wave length 253.7 and its unique Aluminum and Copper reflectors, deputed to escalate the robot’s efficiency in the process of microbial disinfection. The robots is remotely controlled, with the capabilities of rays moderations and rhythmic disinfection, and it is highly safe considering protecting health care workers from UVC rays by its motion detecting sensors and audible signals. The robot shows a high degree of durability, after more than 18 months of service, along with its experimentally proved efficiency with a daily usage of 8 hours/day. It is indeed the first of its kind in Lebanon

Organisation: Lebanese Innovators Society

Innovator(s): Mohamad K. Ismail

Category: Healthcare/Fitness

Country: Lebanon

Gold Award