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Description: There was a high demand and rise of public interest towards personalized custom made products in recent years. For vehicle navigation apps, it’s all about providing a standardized direction guidance service. The app not only finds the fastest routes or shortcuts, but it’s also capable of providing more profound information of roads such as determining roads with less number of curves or longer routes but with less traffic, etc. The key usage is to identify the preferences of drivers and covering all of their taste for driving.

Not only that, drivers sometimes tend to miscalculate their ways in and out of different roads, change lanes without awareness or go over the speed limits in specific zones. However, the current navigation apps have certain limits of variation that it is inevitable for the drivers to give up certain decisions of route selection. Also, there is no real time feedback provided for road environment status updates for the recommended routes. Although drivers receive route guidance, they do not get any feedback on road environment such as whether it's paved/unpaved or whether it's snowy/slippery. The current road and weather information system is utilized to identify real time road conditions and relevant climate status and the concept has been applied into the navigation app for vehicle customized for specific drivers so that they can be aware of different limitations and security points of current roads which has considered their driving preferences and habits. The app then functions to provide notifications for roads with high accident potentials, accident-prone areas for children taking in consideration for the driver's perception errors and different driving habits. The driver can select the route of his/her own preference (shortcuts, good road condition, reduced distance, less stagnation and traffic lights, etc.) and reduce the number of accidents caused by careless driving or bad driving habit through advantageous recommendations of route indicated by this customized navigation matched for the driver. For preference setting, the driver can select up to 3 user-rank settings, and 3 ranks are ranked from first priority to second and then third. In addition user settings, recommended routes can also be shared by mutual users of the navigation app helping to expand their own knowledge base of roads. The app also allows drivers to be aware of advanced information such as weather, road surface condition, school hours, etc. which allows the driver to fully focus on his/her driving only.


Innovator(s): SIWOO LEE

Category: Agriculture and Aquaculture

Country: Republic of Korea

Silver Award