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Description: Children’s love to eat sweet things. Usually sweet and snacks contains too much of sugar, salt, preservative and artificial chemical additive. Not only that the regular consumption may causes the following consequences such as diabetes, obesity, higher blood pressure, inflammation, fatty liver disease. To avoid this kind of unwanted health issues, innovator’s have create a food based sweet namely as Immune Booster Herbs Dried Jelly.

Immune Booster Herbs Dried Jelly is a healthy snack that invented from fully herbs. This product will be produced and served as dried jelly which much related to Malaysian tradisonal snacks that is agar-agar kering. Normally agar-agar kering consumed during snack time or festivals sessions but our herbs dried jelly can be consumed any time. It contains very much healthy ingredients and herbs such as Ocimum Tenuiflorum, Coleus Amboinicus, Pandanus Amaryllifolius and Plum Sugar. Each herbs that been used in dried herbs jelly have it’s own benefits but all of the herbs have few common benefits such as improve body immune system, lower the blood glucose and reduce body lipid level and reduce obesity. This product already been tested for it’s nutrition value and it’s been tasted by parents, school students and teachers their self and gave a good good feedback regarding its taste and its benefits. Overall this product have a good marketing potential to be sell in various of places such as school canteen, online platform such as Lazada and Shoppe, retail shops and convenient store all over nation. Not only that, producing 1000g of herbs dried jelly only cost RM 5.00 and and it can be sell for 12.50 (1000g). This will bring’s RM. 7.50 as a total profit of selling 1000g herbs dried jelly. This shows this product not only cheap but its profitable too.


Innovator(s): Kumaran Gengatharan (Teacher Advisor), Siti Nur Izzatul Zahirah Binti Mohamad Azhar, Nur Damia Syifa Binti Mohd Bulkini, Iwani Arisya Binti Rizal, Ammar Syahmi Bin Rosli & Batrisyia Binti Hawari

Category: Young inventors

Country: Malaysia

Silver Award