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Description: As we recently met with an virus on animals names Lumpy virus.Lumpy skin disease (LSD) is an infectious disease in cattle caused by a virus of the family Poxviridae, also known as Neethling virus. The disease is characterized by large fever, enlarged superficial lymph nodes and multiple nodules on the skin and mucous membranes. Infected cattle also may develop edematous swelling in their limbs and exhibit lameness.To over come this and to preventing it from effecting others we are coming up with an solution of a quarantine.

Cattle perform a major role in helping farmers in agriculture especially in a country like India. Most of the farmers use cattle to plough the land to grow crops. Cattle also give us organic manure to keep the farm land good and fertile for farming. So, protecting cattle is the also as equally important as protecting crops. Nowadays, all the living things on earth are subjected towards various diseases and viruses. And statistically most of them are infective and they spread by means of physical contact. One of those viruses is lumpy virus which is affecting cows and buffaloes. If a non-infected cow drinks water from the same source from where infected cattle drinks water the virus spreads. If one such problem is existing right now; we can expect ten more in the future. Hence, to prevent the spreading of these kind of viruses we have come up with an idea called Hay and water dispenser for cattle.

Organisation: Sreenidhi Institute of Science & Technology

Innovator(s): Pundra Sudensh Reddy, Mohammed Sannan Ahmed , K. Deeksha, P. Tejaswini, Dr. SPV Subbarao

Category: Food Technology

Country: India

Gold Award