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Description: As we can see, many individuals today engage in organic farming. All the biodegradable material, including leftover veggies and rotting leaves, must be stored in order for microbes to flourish. Making compost is challenging since it requires careful upkeep and inspection of excellent organic compost. The difficulty with this strategy is the maintenance required for the composting environment. This process is part of aerating the compost, adding ingredients to maintain heat and pH, and watering the compost as necessary. The Smart Compost System can be useful in this situation. The terra-smart compost product may assist in creating manure from organic waste, such as vegetable and fruit scraps so that it can be used to grow plants in your home and gardens without the need for chemical manures.

A smart compost system is a cutting-edge innovation created to streamline and improve the composting process. Organic waste products, such as food scraps, yard debris, and agricultural residue, naturally decompose into nutrient-rich soil amendments through the process of composting. A smart compost system uses technology to automate and improve the composting process as opposed to traditional composting techniques, which frequently require regular monitoring and maintenance. Sensors, a control device, and a mobile or online application are the three major parts of a smart compost system. The sensors are carefully positioned throughout the composting system to keep an eye on critical variables including temperature, humidity, moisture content, and oxygen levels. These sensors feed data to the control unit continually. As we see nowadays organic farming is widely practised by the people. It involves storing all the biodegradable matter such as vegetable waste and rotten leaves and allowing microorganisms to grow. The problem with making the compost is it needs proper maintenance and great observation to make a good organic compost. The challenge with this approach is the care needed to maintain the composting environment. This involves aerating the compost, adding materials to maintain heat/pH, and watering the compost as needed. This is where the Smart Compost System can help. The control device functions as The terra-smart-compost project can help to make manure with organic waste or vegetable and fruit waste and make manure that can be used to grow plants in your house and gardens without depending upon chemical manure using an organic manure The project is totally automatic and it makes it special from another machine there is no interaction with the human and humans do not need to spend their time making the process to carry out all the process is done automatically. The project is autonomous, all the process is according to it assigned and the entire required items that are required are done through the robot itself.

Organisation: Sreenidhi Institute of Science & Technology

Innovator(s): Ratnala Sai Ganesh,Sunku Gridhar Shanmukh, Yaramadhi Mohanalaxmi, Devershetty Nehal, D Mohan

Category: Agriculture and Aquaculture

Country: India

Silver Award