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Description: vericheck is a background verification and storing tool for bushiness and MNCs It helps in verifying the certificates and verifying the candidate and store the data in blockchain for security and transparency

VeriCheck is an advanced background verification and data storage tool designed specifically for businesses and multinational corporations (MNCs). It offers a comprehensive solution for verifying certificates and conducting thorough candidate background checks, while also providing a secure and transparent method of storing this sensitive information using blockchain technology.By utilizing VeriCheck, businesses and MNCs can streamline their verification processes, reduce the risk of fraudulent activities, and enhance overall efficiency in talent acquisition and compliance management. The use of blockchain technology ensures the highest level of security, transparency, and trust in the verification and storage of critical data.

Organisation: Sreenidhi Institute of Science & Technology

Innovator(s): Polnati Surya Tejaa, Dr Abhishek choubey

Category: Industry 4.0

Country: India

Silver Award