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A Smart Portable Chair

Description: This chair can automatically fold out and contract the umbrella. After the device is moved, engage the first support leg of the chair to the seat board card with a positioning block. Therefore, the chair can be quickly unfolded and folded up, improving the convenience. The chair is easy to operate and master, and has a wide scope of applications, basically can be used in all scenarios. It is fairly fit for wide promotion offering people with more comfortable outdoor experience.

发明介绍(限700字符) Long Description As we all know some chair would have back rest and some have armrests. They are the setting device we use a lot in our daily life. If we take a chair along when going for a walk, we can sit and have a rest on it when tired. They are many kind of portable chairs on the market, but more of them only have general functions. In summer, it is hot and rains a lot. However, we need umbrellas when going out thus causing some trouble in carrying them along. This situation creates a demand for a smart portable chair that can also shield sunlight or rain. In view of this, we presented the device. The automatic folding umbrella opens with the spring expansion lever and stay cord on the chair handle. As the connecting rod B turns to the horizontal position, the connecting rod B will pull the stay cord forward. The stay cord pulls the connecting plate to the back, and then the connecting plate drives the block to the back. When the spring expansion lever shrinks, the block pushes the switch, driving the automatic folding umbrella to open up. The folding of chair and spread out by linkage of the following a few steps is completed. The first leg and the second leg are hinged. The connecting rod A is connected to the connecting rod B. The connecting rod A is rotating connected to the connecting block A. The connecting rod B is rotating connected to the connecting block B. The hinge is rotating connected to the rotating shaft B. When not using it, you can rotate the board around the hinged axis, causing the first leg and second leg to move inwards. At this point, the stay cord will be loosened to the back side, and the spring extension lever will elongate under the action of the recovery force. The connecting plate moves forward under the push of the spring extension lever, and drives the block to move forward. When the block is no longer against the switch, the automatic folding umbrella is closed. When the device is closed, the sitting plate is clamped to the first leg through a positioning block. The back of this chair has a massage wheel, so you can get a massage and relax when you sit down. The device is simple in structure. You can use it easily. You can take it wherever you want to go.

Organisation: Creative Baby Robot Technology Center

Innovator(s): Liu Qianyi, Chen Ying

Category: Young inventors

Country: China

Gold Award