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Description: An Open world game resembling the reality of the running world with all of the companies, industries, hospitals...etc with their respective equipments used , delivering an overall idea of the way of the working of the world

Pictorial representation speaks far more than a virtual talk. Experience makes us learn. Many of the youth starting from the age 13, start to think about their career. They inspire from the surroundings, movies, parents,..and other sources. Then they make a quick decision without knowing atleast minimum of the available fields of study, which infact may affect their career as they grow...and they will have a lifelong regret which will diminish their health conditions. For the students in the age group 17-24, they think a lot about the available career opportunities. They seek ways to know maximum of the job opportunities from internet, friends, colleagues, ...and other sources. They stress themselves a lot because of which 1. Mental health is affected 2. Arriving at low self-confidence levels 3.Becoming highly de-motivated or NUMB and there are many other chain of consequences as one definetely leads to other. And for the subsequent age groups of people, they need a source to know what is available around them to choose options peacefully. For this , I have come up with a solution which is Infoline.(An Application) Infoline A virtually animated town is created with buildings, offices, industries, ...etc in which an animation character is used for moving inside the town. Let suppose, there are 5 colonies , namely Electronics Software Pharma Electrical Medicine Electronics colony has offices corresponding to Electronics field of study. Software colony has the software companies (created). Pharma colony has a Pharma company with all their repective units, Electrical company has all the offices related to electricity (sub stations,..etc ) Medicine colony has a medical college, a hospital, surgical shops,...etc A well-balanced and basic animated community is formed with various fields of knowledge (career options). We can co-relate the way the real world is running. Here there are some rules, If there are more and more options, then some people get confused about what to choose. So, we can set certain limitations to the customer by conducting a basic knowledge test .This test analyzes the thinking capacity and knowledge of the person.Then according to the results, the amount of exposure of knowledge to the customer in this animated city is controlled. Consider an example of Pharma field, They have various units namely R&D, AR&D, QC, QA,..etc All the departments in the company are shown with basic working equipments. An anime character is directed towards the building as in a game. Then he/she can go where ever they want . Now, if the customer goes into the AR&D department, he can see basic lab equipments such as vials , flasks, micropipettes,..etc and instruments such as HPLC (High-Performance Liquid Chromatography) , GC (Gas Chromatography), NMR, ..etc Just an outline of how these devices look, are demonstrated. This application is more like a Learning Game which is not boring as customer goes to the his/her area of interest. In this way, various career opputunities are clubbed in a town for easy access. As discussed earlier, this application is suitable to students majorly, followed by everyone.Once this project is done, there is no need to google for knowledge on the way of running of world and types of career oppurtunities. They will come to see a picture of what they want to become, experience it virtually for a while, and come to a decision with a clarity whether to choose it or not. ,in very much less time. Some students worry for months and years together .This effects there health in many ways. As child age and youth is growing stage for both mind and body, they should be monitored in a proper manner. Without which the consequences will be faced in the long run of life, leading to, Low self esteem Affected mental health various disorders no nutrition ..etc Which provide an uncomfortable life in coming years Some regret highly , even now for the career they choose becuase they had no knowledge of available courses while studying. This situation will be confronted with great ease upon following Infoline. This app also provides customers with short stories from The Mahabharatha, The Ramayana and other motivational tales which teach moral values to strengthen life.These tales teach how to live a life. As customer visits a place in the town, i.e, some knowledge, Open source books and book recommendations are provided there to guide. Links such as Openstax are attached at required respective places. The scope of this idea can be limitlesly extended , as knowledge is limitless. VR players can be used to see himself/herself as the character in town.- (scope)

Organisation: Sreenidhi Institute of Science & Technology

Innovator(s): Hrushikesh R

Category: Education

Country: India

Gold Award