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Description: An automatic nebulizer which helps a patient take their medicine in case of an attack without the help of anyone around gives indication by a buzzer.

After the pandemic, we can see that many people are suffering from many health issues .Where, respiratory diseases like Asthma ,Bronchiolitis ,etc. are one of them. During the attack ( for serious patients), they lose their consciousness and are unable to take breath. Hence at least one person should be there during this kind of attack to give a dosage by nebulizer to the patient's mouth. To avoid these situations, we have come up with an idea called THE AUTOMATIC NEBILIZER. It is an automatic device which helps the patients to take the gas into their mouth when the attack comes over. This is basically a portable device which is designed on a cap. The suitable vaccine can be inserted in the mist sprayer for different types of patients suffering respiratory diseases.

Organisation: Sreenidhi Institute of science and technology

Innovator(s): D. Sathish Naik, P. Tapaswini, N. Rossly

Category: Medicine, Biotechnology and Medical Devices

Country: India

Gold Award