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Electronic product life cycle balancing for optimal use as a more environmentally friendly approach to electronics – new production and hardware concepts for reuse and assembly

Description: The project aims to introduce changes in the life cycle of mobile information and communication devices to reuse key components of the device.

In electronics, the production of integrated circuits in enclosures, e.g. BGA, QFP, etc., is one of the most complex technologies. Component manufacturing technology imposes burden on the environment and requires many thermal processes and lantanide series. The technique allowing the reuse of these components may significantly reduce the carbon footprint. The concept applies mainly to smart phones and tablets, but also to other electronic devices, if it may be used economically and legally. These studies allow for a significant increase in the creation of value from used equipment in order to gain an economic advantage over destruction processes and create a market impulse for reusable parts through increased availability for repair and cascade reuse. This kind of approach allows for saving natural resources (lantanide series, gold, palladium, etc.) that are either difficult to access and require major environmental intervention, or access to them is very limited (resources in certain countries and locations only) large economic savings (some components may be worth several thousand EUR)

Organisation: Sieć Badawcza Łukasiewicz – Instytut Tele- i Radiotechniczny

Innovator(s): Janusz Sitek, Aneta Araźna, Marek Kościelski, Wojciech Stęplewski, Kamil Janeczek, Lipiec Krzysztof, Sebastian Karolewski, Ireneusz Rafalik, Piotr Ciszewski

Category: Electronics and IoT

Country: Poland

Gold Award