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Design and Manufacture of Carbon Fiber Composite Rocket Fairings

Description: PATENTS: CN202211742731.4, CN202211059095.5, CN202021347839.X, CN202021003881.X, CN202021003078.6, CN202010019936.4, CN201910671698.2, CN201910671664.3

The company independently developed, designed and manufactured a full-carbon fiber composite rocket fairings. Through technological iterative innovation, the developed and designed fairing adopts the separate molding of the fairing body and the hood, which effectively releases the internal stress of the molding, optimizes the outer dimension of the fairing, improves its overall assembly accuracy, and achieves a weight reduction of 20% compared with the traditional structural design. Many of patents have been applied for in terms of material application, design, manufacturing process and assembly method. The company is the only private enterprise in China that can provide the development and production of advanced composite fairings. It has successfully developed a series of fairings with diameters of 1.2m, 1.4m, 1.6m, 3.35m and 4.2m, forming a series of shelf products. Leading the development of Chinese commercial aerospace manufacturing industry.

Organisation: Tianjin Istar-Space Technology Co., Ltd.

Innovator(s): Ji Baofeng, Zhang Yi, Tang Zhanwen, Liu Qian, Ding Changfang, Ma Yongshuai, Zhang Peng, Cui Xifeng, Han Yu

Category: Aerospace, Space Technology and Rockets

Country: China

Gold Award