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Local/remote control of grounding switch opening and closing system for high-voltage switchgear

Description: PATENT: ZL202120168301.0

With the continuous upgrading of power grid intelligence, there are urgent requirements for the electric operation and automated remote control of power supply and distribution equipment. The intelligent controller for the local/remote control of the grounding knife switch opening and closing system of the high-voltage switchgear implemented in this project is used for the KYN series movable high-voltage switchgear. The grounding knife switch is driven by a motor, and the intelligent controller automatically judges and controls the start and stop of the switch, as well as the automatic return of faults; The intelligent controller simultaneously controls the input and output of the circuit breaker chassis handcart, collects information on the working conditions of the switchgear, and analyzes and processes it in real-time to ensure power supply safety. The project has solved the problem of manual operation of KYN switchgear grounding switches being greatly affected by the quality of operators and having low reliability, avoiding the risk of explosion injury during on-site operation. This project provides an optimized equipment for the intelligent power grid, effectively improving the safety and reliability of power supply, and has great prospects for promotion.

Organisation: Fujian Chuanzheng Communications College; Fujian Senyuan Power Equipment Co., Ltd;

Innovator(s): Fujian Chuanzheng Communications College; Fujian Senyuan Power Equipment Co., Ltd;Zhizhong Zhuang;Zechang Zou.

Category: Energy

Country: China

Silver Award