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High throughput screening platform for functional food and drug components based on microfluidic and pumpless zebrafish chips

Description: PATENTS: CN202010699202.5, CN202010699218.6, CN202010699291.3, CN202110096884.5, US20200077947A1

Zebrafish has become a dominant model organism due to its high homology with human genes, high similarity of signal pathways and short development cycle. The present invention designs a microfluidic and non pumping zebrafish chip, which is built on a high-throughput screening platform and can simultaneously fix 500 zebrafish on this chip without damage, anesthesia, and the need for modeling. Based on microfluidic technology, combined with ultrafast optical imaging technology and artificial intelligence AI technology, the cells and behavioral activities of zebrafish are scanned and imaged. Big data on organ and behavioral activities are efficiently collecting, leading to a knowledge graph and visual reference database through algorithms. Thus, it is possible to predict unknown and potential functional food and drug components for high-throughput and precise screening. By utilizing this technology, we have conducted high-throughput classification and screening of over 2000 strains, and discovered 20 new functional directions unprecedented for over 100 probiotic strains.

Organisation: Guangdong Longsee Medical Technology Co., Ltd

Innovator(s): Tao Chen, Shizhou Deng, Zhao Zhang

Category: Medicine, Biotechnology and Medical Devices

Country: China

Gold Award