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Innovative ultrasonic technology solutions for Industry 4.0 involving smart modules for vibration systems e-management.

Description: The development of a new generation of ultrasonic welding and cutting systems with increased reliability and lifetime of the vibrating system equipped with a remote e-diagnostics system of the vibrating system is a novelty on a global scale.

E-management module comprehensively and remotely manages bonding processes (welding and cutting) of materials, in particular monitors process parameters, remotely diagnoses, aggregates, analyzes and archives control, measurement, and diagnostic data in the cloud computing. The project was implemented industrially over the previous year, in cooperation with TWEETOP. The above described technology is used for manufacture of PERT--Al-PERT multilayer pipes, a product used in construction. The solution is used, i.a., in the following companies: AGRIMPEX, Lubacell Sp. z o.o., INSTAR Sp. J., Multeafill. Technology benefits: - PERFECT FOR MASS PRODUCTION, AMONG OTHERS, IN MOTORIZATION, ELECTRONICS - EASY IN AUTOMATION - VERY ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY — ECO- -FRIENDLY, ELIMINATES POISONOUS ADHESIVES AND SOLVENTS

Organisation: Sieć Badawcza Łukasiewicz – Instytut Tele- i Radiotechniczny

Innovator(s): Marcin Kiełbasiński, Paweł Kogut, Piotr Kluk, Witold Kardyś, Łukasz Krzemiński, Henryk Gostkowski, Lucjan Nafalski, Marek Niemiec

Category: Industry 4.0

Country: Poland

Gold Award