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Integral, modular dosing device for polymer plastic recyclates in secondary product manufacturing processes.

Description: In the proposed solution, an important role is played by the way of dosing individual recyclates into the mixing chamber. For this purpose, interchangeable spline shafts were used , the geometry of which is correlated with the characteristics of the recyclate (flakes, powders, more or less regular granules, possibly granules and modifying additives). The second mixing and dosing element is a disc connected to mixing mandrels that blends the components of the mixture , after dosing them into the main container in the correct proportion. The size of the dosage can be precisely determined by the splines used and the speed of the drive motor shafts.

The developed solution is distinguished by the following features: - The technical system has the possibility of dosing 2 or more different recyclates, with possible dosing of modifying additives. - The mixing system is associated with the transport of the mixture of recyclates by means of augers and a spline roller (the shape of the splines can be changed and adapted to the geometric properties of the feedstock). - The developed solution allows to obtain more favorable mixing of raw materials in the form of recyclates of different fraction and geometric characteristics (grains, flakes, granules, etc.). - The mixture of recyclates melted in the plasticizing system of an injection molding machine or extruder has repeatable rheological and processing properties (viscosity), and the obtained products have repeatable functional characteristics. The novelty of the solution lies in: - The use of a rotating mushroom-shaped spreading disc. The disc rotates during the operation of the device, distributing the recyclate in an even and reproducible manner in the hopper/chamber. - The use of an auger in the hopper/chamber, which presses the mixed raw materials, preventing mutual and uncontrolled movement of the mixture of recyclates and directly fed into the feed zone of the plasticizing system of the processing machine. - The use of an element to check the repeatability of dosing in the form of an optical system that allows comparison with a standard. - The use of a vibrating element to prevent the suspension of raw material in the cylinder of the chamber. - Use of interchangeable rollers with special splines for precise dosing of recyclate mixture components.

Organisation: Bydgoszcz University of Science and Technology

Innovator(s): Dariusz Sykutera, Piotr Czy┼╝ewski, Bartek Nowinka, Dawid Marciniak

Category: Zero Waste Technologies

Country: Poland

Gold Award