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Smart Cradle

Description: Smart Cradle

This device is designed to help parents in keeping their baby safe. It can communicate with any modern device using a webpage. The device is placed inside the baby's cradle, and uses Its numerous sensors to detect any accident that may happen to the baby. The sensors are a microphone to detect crying, a thermometer for keeping an eye on the temperature, and a gyroscope to detect if the cradle is being tilted or if it has fallen. It also includes a speaker to play music. The device creates a network that you can connect to using WiFi, and view a webpage containing the status of every individual sensor, as well as a music player. The sensors’ threshold can be configured in this page as well. If any of the thresholds are broken, the website will send a notification and play a sound to alert the parents, the area for the sensor that has exceeded its threshold will be red for parents to quickly identify the problem, wasting no time to find what is wrong. The music player has a very intuitive interface so anyone can work with it.

Organisation: IRTI, Iran.

Innovator(s): Mehrbod baniamerian, Shayli Nikfal, Behnam Karimi

Category: Information Technology

Country: Iran

Gold Award