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Description: We're developing CaterinGo - a mobile app, which allows its users to order food products online, covering school and university areas alike.

Our project's premise is to introduce the future of internet shopping to facilities that have not yet adopted such cutting-edge technology. That's why we invented CaterinGo, but how does it work and how does it make food shopping easier? First, you log in with your work/school credentials or a CaterinGo account, which not only allows the app to download a list of products available at your facility, but also improves cyber-security by preventing system abuses (for example, ordering a large quantity of products from a facility that's far away). After that, you add the items to the cart, with the option of customizing some of the items, such as sandwiches and hot dogs. The last step is to review your order in the cart, choose when you want to pick it up, pay online or choose to pay in cash, and you're done - it's really that simple. The modularity of our project allows each facility to potentially tinker with the options in our app - for example introducing custom interfaces, modifying which features are available or even reviewing the data of purchases made using our app, inspired by other modern Internet of Things solutions. This makes our app even more worthwhile for entreprenuers, who can use the data gathered by us to make their businesses catered to the customer's liking. We're currently developing the app in a framework called Flutter - not only it's easy-to-use and allows us to make the app safely interact with our domain, Flutter is also great for cross-platform compatibility. The app can be compiled to Android and IOS systems alike, increasing the amount of potential users. The clean, modern interface is designed in Android Xd - our design policy is to simplify everything for easier use.

Organisation: School No. 6 by King John III Sobieski in Jastrzębie-Zdrój

Innovator(s): Authors: Marta Sacewicz, Amelia Galan, Michal Adamczyk, Dominik Kozimor, Promotors: Barbara Halska, Jerzy Maduzia, Lidia Gajdzik

Category: Young inventors

Country: Poland

Gold Award