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The importance of patriotism in our modern world

Description: My project objective is to look at the question of the significance of patriotism within the present-day world, in human life, within the improvement of culture and complete society of the nation. So, what does term patriotism mean? Patriotism is a belief originating from love to one’s country, its traditions and history. Many might experience it differently, but at the same time every patriot feels very high of his nation. While we desire patriotism, we, also, should understand the significance of how it contributes to our national identity. Why do we consider patriotism important? How can it affect our social life? What connects loyalty to country with economics? Those are the questions that we do not ask ourselves-yet, the answers are worth exploring.

Over the centuries, political ideas have been playing a major role in the development of the countries. The ideologies of the population could affect the way governments control some situations. The best example of such a political structure is United States of America. Since and before gaining its independence American people have been actively claiming that their country was the best out of all. Basing their arguments on the facts such as the great income. A common belief in the country that America was the greatest of all time led to growth of patriotism. In comparison, European countries such as France and Italy could not produce as much significant growth as it happened in West. Both Europa and America were holding on to similar political approaches, however, there were numerous differences in the way people adopted to them. In this work I will look for these differences and provide my opinion about the development of both.

Organisation: IQanat high school of Burabay, Kazakhstan

Innovator(s): The importance of patriotism in our modern world

Category: Agriculture and Aquaculture

Country: Kazakhstan

Silver Award